Watertown, SD Debates Banning MMA After Murder [VIDEO]


A South Dakota town is considering banning mixed martial arts after a local MMA trainer was accused of committing a violent homicide:

Jerrin Stulken who is accused of killing Justin Jaton, is an MMA trainer, sparking the debate, is MMA to violent?

Fight promoters say no and believe they are being punished for an unfortunate accident.

Watertown is taking a hard look at the sport of ultimate fighting.

At Monday’s city council meeting the councilors proposed two new ordinances, one banning the sport all together and the other regulating it.

But a decision hasn’t been made on either ordinance, regardless, promoters say the council is being too rash.

“They’re looking at it because there’s two people going into a cage, putting on gloves, and fighting. But again there’s a referee in there, this sport doesn’t go until someone’s dead no one’s ever done that. ” Said Joe Medanich.

Even running this site, I am by no means of fan of mixed martial arts.  But to outlaw a sport – and it is still a sport – because someone who takes part in that sport commits a crime is unconstitutional at best.  Should we cancel football because OJ hacked up two people?  Should South Africa suspend rugby play each time one of the sport’s neanderthals commits a crime?  It is a ludicrous governmental leap and another example of elected administrative types attempting to determine how folks should live their lives.

Here is a local telecast:

  • Dennis Chrisinger

    mma is a cowards game anyone who assaults a unconscious person defenseless while they down or up whatever is a fking coward and needs to go to fking jail for assault with intent to maim this so called sport is evil this is not sportsmanship this is VIOLENCE against fellow man my God people look at what you have become

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