Chess Boxing, the Next Up and Coming Sport? [VIDEO]

In the ultimate test of brains and brawn, chess boxing is a sport that tests the highest level of physical and mental strength.

The match consists of eleven rounds, alternating between a four minute chess round and a two minute boxing match. A win is announced when there is either a knockout or a checkmate. If neither occurs within the eleven rounds, the judges will decide.

This is not a new sport. ESPN did a segment on it for SportsCenter back in 2007 and the first reference to the sport dates all the way back to 1978. But the World Chess Boxing Organisation, which boasts “Fighting is done in the ring, wars are waged on the board”, was not founded until 2003. Furthermore, the geographical profile of the sport is diversifying. While England has been the center of the chess boxing world, the newest players now come from the isolated region of Siberia, where there are a lot of amateur boxers as well as avid chess players.

Below is a more recent report on the world of chess boxing:

Here is a funny message from the founder of the chess boxing club in Berlin, talking to his English opponents:

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