The Newest Marketing Campaign for the Rugby World Cup Is…Abstinence? [VIDEO]

A new ad campaign for the All Blacks, New Zealand’s rugby team, is asking fans to abstain from sex for the six-week duration of the Rugby World Cup to show their support for the team. Led by the Telecom-sponsored All Blacks’ fan site, BackingBlack, those participating will don black rubber finger-rings to show their solidarity.

The campaign boasts humorous ads such as “Touch, pause and don’t engage”, which will be showcased in bus stops around New Zealand. Originally, there were going to be signs posted above urinals in bars and restaurants teasing men to “think of your mum in a bikini – Abstain for the All Blacks”, but these have been cut. According to the chief marketing officer of Telecom, the campaign is a satirical play on the belief that abstaining from sex improves athletic performance.

When asked if the players for the All Blacks would abstain from sex for the tournament, the New Zealand Rugby Union’s commercial manager told the New Zealand Herald: “Last time we checked, the All Blacks’ match preparations aren’t built around sponsors’ advertising campaigns, so let’s not confuse the two.”

A poll on the Herald’s website asked fans if they would abstain from sex, with 91% responding, “No, are you kidding?”

Here is a video of the first advertisement:

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