Former Rugby Ace Murders Thugs Who Attacked Daughter

Sometimes I just Google rugby late at night.  Sometimes an interesting story comes out of it.  Sometimes I find stuff like this in the Mirror, wherein it details the ax murder of three thugs by a former rugby star in South Africa.  But this is not just a murder:

The 34-year-old is due in court today over the horrific killings. One of the victims was decapitated and his head found a mile away in a dustbin, it is claimed.

Detectives believe the unnamed sportsman launched his killing spree after the gang infected his daughter with HIV in the vile attack.

Another victim was almost ­decapitated. Police spokesman Anton Booysen said: “His head was hanging by nothing more than a nerve.”

The revenge attacks are said to have taken place near Durban in South Africa’s eastern KwaZulu-Natal province. The suspect, who played for Blue Bulls rugby side in Pretoria, is believed to have stalked his victims over several days in townships around Durban before pouncing.

Be honest.  You want the guy acquitted.  I know I do.

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