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The Hughes-McGinn EPL Pool Table – After Match 34

After Match 35 Monday May 2nd 2015   Michael “Top O’ The Table” Reilly 40 Patty Cake Caraher 36 Eddie 1-800-Call-ahan 34 Leo: Man, Myth, Legend, Gentleman 31 Stripes Bennett, Who Pees Standing Up 31 Shane Kingdom of the Crystal Skull 27 Andrew “Swallows a Bitter” Gilly 25 Jamie “Slept with Loic Remy” McGinn 25 I Still Don’t … Read more

Rose the Champion, Merion the Story

Adam Scott thought he’d won the Masters as he rolled in a thirty-footer on the eighteenth and let out the primal scream August National had waited to hear from an Australian since The Shark’s great fade handed Faldo  his final major championship. Scott had forgotten about Argentinian former-chimney Angel Cabrera. El Pato forgot about the … Read more

Scottish Premier League Committing Suicide by Exiling Rangers

I don’t pretend to know or understand the behind-the-scenes details surrounding the Scottish Premier League. But I do know one thing: the best course of action for a struggling professional sports league is not eliminating your only viable commodity. And that is exactly what the SPL has done by eliminating the Old Firm, Celtic v. … Read more