TOS Tavern Honor Roll (4)


Brooklyn New York

Woodwork is not only the best football establishment in the city of New York (Nevada Smith’s is for amateurs and United supporters) it is also one of the best drinking establishments in the city…period.  Passionate ownership, an attractive, knowledgeable staff and the best bar food you’ll ever taste in your life, Woodwork stands head and shoulders above the laundry list of joints in the over-saturated New York bar market.  Try Chef Ross’s Portugal and you’ll wonder how the hell this corner joint is serving you the best chorizo sandwich you’ve ever had in the states.


New York City

Travel down a flight of stairs on Waverly Place and escape the plague of New York University – the Godzilla to downtown’s Japan, spitting fire and destroying cultural landmarks.  Josie’s is a no frills sports bar with well-done standard fare and an odd mix of Chicago Bears and Pittsburgh Penguins fans.  It’s also a terrific spot to sit and watch a NASCAR of PGA event with the sound on as the college kids tend to stay away from the bar scene on Sundays following their rollicking Saturday nights at worthless bars like Bar None or The Village Pourhouse.  Ask Martin, the owner, for his thoughts on Tiger Woods…or Dale Earnhardt…or pretty much anything.  He’s just about the best bar owner in town.


Newark New Jersey

The Ironbound section of Newark – Down Neck to the locals – is overstuffed with some of the finest Portuguese and Spanish restaurants you’re going to find in this country.  You can walk from Penn Station to Red Bull Arena in Harrison and fully soused on pitchers of red Sangria while sampling brilliant tapas dishes to stab sober.  But over on Wilson is Krug’s Tavern, a relic of the Newark of yesteryear, that serves fresh seafood and arguably the best hamburger in the state.  They also litter the walls with NASCAR paraphenalia and provide an all-too-rare hub for motorsports fans in a generally unfriendly to motorsports area.  Go to Krug’s on a Sunday afternoon.  Get a can of Bud and a bacon cheeseburger.  Enjoy the race.


Newark New New Jersey

I know the image above does not look like the type of establishment that makes a pub list on a sports website but don’t be fooled by the chic interiors of this blastoff nightclub on the corner of Jackson and Ferry in the Ironbound section of Newark.  VIVO has TVs to spare and is a perfect location to join the neighborhood’s sport enthusiasts for an El Clasico or Brazil international friendly.  It’s proximity to Red Bull Arena (less than a mile walk) makes it the perfect location for a few pitchers of red sangria and a dozen fresh, delicious tapas dishes.  Make sure you say hello to joint’s owner, Ariel, a Rutgers grad and all-around good guy.

  • Tommy

    When you go to Krug’s, make sure to tell them “Garrity sent me”

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