El Clasico 4 Turns On Ridiculously Disallowed Higuain Goal [VIDEO]

The Mad Divers of Barcelona, led by their fearless leader Mascherano, won the day at home as the match tide turned when the Argentine pretended he was an extra from the first thirty minutes of Saving Private Ryan.

Watch the video below.  You tell me how any referee can call Ronaldo for a foul he’s apparently committing in midair.  It’s a good thing Mourinho stayed, well, wherever he was during the match.


  • Fowo_47

    For any good reasoning spectator, you will see in the 1st place that if Ronaldo hadn’t fall on marcherano, he-marcherano would have cleared the ball b4 huguain got to the ball. Also, the video clearly showed that the Ref had blown for the foul before huguain played the ball to the goal post. Did you see huguain jubilate? Stop being a fool who does not admit defeat

  • Shorepoints

    I believe myself to be quite a good reasoning spectator. I also had no rooting interest in the match, with the exception of my disdain for Barcelona’s persistent diving in big matches.

    There is no question Ronaldo impeded Mascherano’s run to defend but how could any referee consider that intentional when the man in flying through the air? Incidental contact, or accidental contact, do not a foul make.

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