Champions League: Messi Brilliance Overshadowed by Classless El Clasico [VIDEOS]

UPDATE – Barcelona have secured two critical road goals, beaten a man down Madrid 2-0 and all-but assured their passage to Wembley in what was a terribly played match by all but Lionel Messi.  Here’s his finest moment.
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Round 1 – La Liga Match

Off-setting penalties lead to a thrilling 1-1 draw.

Round 2 – Copa del Rey Final

Heroics from Di Maria and Ronaldo in extra time return the Cup to Madrid.

Round 3 – Champions League Leg 1 at Bernabeu

With a top-heavy La Liga and the blah-ness of Copa del Rey, now these two sides take to the world’s stage in what will be the defining two matches of Mourinho’s first season at Madrid.

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