Real Salt Lake Draws Monterrey (2-2) in First Leg of CONCACAF Champions League Final [VIDEO]

For an explanation of the CONCACAF Champions League from TOS, click here.


Tonight, at Estadio Tecnológico in Monterrey, Real Salt Lake plays a match not only for their organization and supporters but for the entirety of Major League Soccer.  The CONCACAF Champions League may not sport marquee snatching battles like Barcelona v. Madrid but a match-up between the reigning champion of Mexico and the best team in the United States is pretty darn good for this part of the football world.

A few things of note:

  • We all need to be careful when placing importance on this tournament and this final.  Can it be extremely important moving forward?  Yes.  But a match on Fox Soccer at 10 pm on a Wednesday is not exactly going to elevate the visibility of much in this country.
  • That being said it is incumbent upon everyone covering these two matches to SELL THEM.  ESPN has proven that people can be convinced of the importance of sporting events by a simple use of repetition.
  • If you’re a fan of MLS or a fan of football thriving in this country, that’s more than enough reason to put on Fox Soccer tonight at 10 pm.

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