Junior Dominates Cain for Title [VIDEO]

Commentary: New TV Deals Show Growth in MMA and Soccer

It’s been a month of major growth for both Major League Soccer and Ultimate Fighting Championship, as both signed huge telecast deals that will expand their presence on network television. MLS ended their eight year relationship with FOX Soccer Channel after coming to terms with NBC Sports, a deal believed to be worth somewhere between … Read more

Former NHL Player Donald Brashear Wins MMA Debut in 21 Seconds [VIDEO]

All you need to know is that Brashear logged 2,100 penalty minutes in 1,000 NHL games.

Commentary: Boxers, Fighters, Wrestlers Risk Bodies Without Physical, Financial Security

No fan of MMA, boxing, or professional wrestling can deny that we invest time and money watching because it’s a “blood sport.” We glue ourselves to the television to see consenting adults put their bodies on the line, cutting decades off their lives, pummeling each other for our sheer entertainment. You would think the Don … Read more

Machida Crane Kick at UFC 129 [VIDEO]

Thanks to an old friend Brian McKenna for letting me know about this amazing sports moment.  Here’s the brilliant video. And here’s Daniel son.

Commentary: UFC (Not Boxing) Will Flourish From Marquee Match-Up [VIDEO]

No one disputes that a match between boxing’s two best pound-for-pound fighters will shatter PPV buyrate records.  Not sports entertainment impresario, Vince McMahon.  Not boxing promoters, Oscar De La Hoya or Don King.  Not UFC President, Dana White, or anyone else doing business in the pay-per-view industry.  So it’s a difficult thing to say – … Read more

Watertown, SD Debates Banning MMA After Murder [VIDEO]

  A South Dakota town is considering banning mixed martial arts after a local MMA trainer was accused of committing a violent homicide: Jerrin Stulken who is accused of killing Justin Jaton, is an MMA trainer, sparking the debate, is MMA to violent? Fight promoters say no and believe they are being punished for an unfortunate accident. Watertown … Read more