Papa, Jones, Kellerman Call Out Judges For Inconceivable Lara/Williams Decision [VIDEO]

I didn’t see the fight. They did.

David Haye Blames Broken Toe for Boring the Boxing Universe Vs. Klitschko [VIDEO]

I am not posting highlights of the fight.  Because the fight contained no highlights.  Here is the post-match, wherein David Haye announces that he broke his toe three weeks ago and that injury forced him to stand around the ring for an hour like a jackass.

Floyd Open to Fighting Pacquiao [VIDEO]

Sugar Shane Begged His Corner to Stop Pac-Man Bout [VIDEO]

Commentary: Boxers, Fighters, Wrestlers Risk Bodies Without Physical, Financial Security

No fan of MMA, boxing, or professional wrestling can deny that we invest time and money watching because it’s a “blood sport.” We glue ourselves to the television to see consenting adults put their bodies on the line, cutting decades off their lives, pummeling each other for our sheer entertainment. You would think the Don … Read more