The Fights

If two fellas are in a sanctioned parking lot fist fight, we’ll try and have a pair of eyes on it.

Junior Dominates Cain for Title [VIDEO]

Highlights From the Career of Boxing Legend Joe Frazier [VIDEO]

Manny Pacquiao & Jimmy Kimmel Duet on ‘How Deep is Your Love’ [VIDEO]

Interested in a Sport Where All You Have to Do Is Kick People? [VIDEO]

Then maybe the World Shin Kicking Championships is for you! The object of the sport, dating back to 1612, is to kick your opponent until they can no longer stand. Because they use traditional techniques. such as covering one’s legs with straw for protection, intense bruising and even some broken bones have become commonplace.

Commentary: New TV Deals Show Growth in MMA and Soccer

It’s been a month of major growth for both Major League Soccer and Ultimate Fighting Championship, as both signed huge telecast deals that will expand their presence on network television. MLS ended their eight year relationship with FOX Soccer Channel after coming to terms with NBC Sports, a deal believed to be worth somewhere between … Read more

Bellator 48 Determined By Brutal Kick to the Head [VIDEO]

Bellator 48 Determined By Brutal Kick to the Head [VIDEO] Pat Curran beat out Marlon Sandro in the featherweight tournament at Bellator 48. Though Curran struggled in the first round, his violent kick took out Sandro, securing the victory in the second round after four minutes.  

Chess Boxing, the Next Up and Coming Sport? [VIDEO]

In the ultimate test of brains and brawn, chess boxing is a sport that tests the highest level of physical and mental strength. The match consists of eleven rounds, alternating between a four minute chess round and a two minute boxing match. A win is announced when there is either a knockout or a checkmate. … Read more