Trailer for Moving “Kicking It” [VIDEO]

The documentary tells the story of the Homeless World Cup, an event created to use football as a means of pulling individuals out of the trying circumstances of their lives lived on the fringes of “normal” society.  It’s streaming directly on NetFlix and is a must see for fans of the sport.

Reverend: MLS Mid-Season Friendlies Show League Does Not Respect Itself [AUDIO]

For more of the Reverend’s audio commentaries, check out his Page on TOS.

My Favorite Cartoon By Legendary Daily News Columnist Bill Gallo [IMAGE]

Above: Gallo’s capturing of the death of Thurman Munson Bill Gallo was one of the last old-school newspaper men in this country, still covering the world of sports from a hospital bed in White Plains as he was fighting for his life at 88 years. I won’t bore you with my commentary.  Here is a … Read more