Commentary: London No Place for NFL

Note: This piece originally appeared a week ago on There is a sport called football. It is played, almost literally, in every single recognized country on the whole of the Earth. So, you know, it’s popular. It is called football because one only needs two elements to play it: a foot and a ball. … Read more

Taylor Branch Discusses His Landmark Work on the NCAA & ‘Amateurism’ [VIDEOS]

It might not constitute the strict definition of The Other Sports, but we’d be remiss not to publicize to the best of our ability a piece of sportswriting so uniquely brilliant.  In this piece from The Atlantic, Taylor Branch identifies the tenuous foundation on which the NCAA organization was built and discovers/uncovers the cracks in … Read more

What Athletes Do If They Need To Use the Bathroom

There was a hilarious (and very informative) article in the New York Times today about what happens to athletes if they have to use the bathroom in the middle of a game or competition. Here’s a bit of the article, but I strongly recommend reading the entire piece: At least the clubhouse is just a quick sprint … Read more

Commentary: New TV Deals Show Growth in MMA and Soccer

It’s been a month of major growth for both Major League Soccer and Ultimate Fighting Championship, as both signed huge telecast deals that will expand their presence on network television. MLS ended their eight year relationship with FOX Soccer Channel after coming to terms with NBC Sports, a deal believed to be worth somewhere between … Read more

MUST SEE! Kung Fu Volleyball [VIDEO]

Reverend’s Rant: Blah blah blah, Michael Caine in Zulu? [AUDIO]

Vancouver Erupts in Riots [VIDEOS]

Hockey is not quite TOS but rioting in Canada is.  Here are the videos:

Will the Reverend Move to Jersey to Be Closer to Red Bull Arena? [AUDIO]