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Brad Friedel Joins Tottenham [VIDEO]

He is my favorite soccer player in the world.  He joins Spurs, thus so do I.  This also marks the end of the road, I presume, for Howlerio Gomes and his comic antics in net. And here is my favorite play in football history.  

Wales Invades Premier League as Swansea Top Reading [SHAKY VIDEO]

The Swans were the better reading as they kept Reading in the Championship and earned their bid to the EPL (and the 90 million pounds that accompany it).  These highlights are shaky but comprehensive:

Barca Dominate United at Wembley [VIDEO]

Champions League.  Final.  United.  Barca.  Wembley. Barcelona are significantly favored to beat Manchester United at Wembley, almost by a margin of 2-1.  You can read analysis all over the net about club football’s biggest battle but I’ll leave my analysis at this: the match is entirely about Nemanja Vidic.  If he can hold firm at … Read more

Schalke Keeper Neuer, Rumored to Be Headed to United, Slapped at Parade [VIDEO]

Hugo Rodallega Scores Biggest Goal in Wigan History to Avoid Relegation [VIDEO]

Sto 0-1 Wig – The most amazing videos are a click away

Tevez Brilliant Free Kick Goak [VIDEO]

From Manchester City’s dismantling of Stoke in EPL action.  It’s replayed at 0:22.

FA Cup Final: Day of Celebration for Stoke and Manchester City Supporters [VIDEOS]

Manchester City. The other team from England’s premier footballing city.  Having slain the nation’s top side in a thrilling semi-final, they now head into their first Cup final in thirty years as serious favorites.  Supporter Mark Heywood has written a tune to celebrate the occurrence and raise money for a children’s charity. All I knew … Read more

Lord Triesman Attempting to Take Down Jack Warner, FIFA Corruption [VIDEO]

None of it should surprise anyone. But here is video of his pointed criticism of Jack Warner.

Highlights of United’s EPL-Clinching Victory over Chelsea [VIDEO]

I was shocked to see Chelsea so flat for the entire first half. untd-cls by BozWolf

Chelsea, the Improbable Underdogs [VIDEO]

After having led the field by 18 points earlier this year, Man U now find themselves in the situation of having a loss to Chelsea casting them from their perch atop the table.  It seems borderline impossible that the Red Devils could be in any such position and even less likely that Chelsea, with their … Read more