Serena Williams Outburst at US Open Final is a Boring Non-Story [VIDEO]

You be the judge.  But this is nothing McEnroe didn’t do a million times and earn his way into the hearts of American tennis fans everywhere. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PNMSMq9VxV8

Brek Shea, Artist. [VIDEO]

Federer, Djokovic Play Emotional Classic in Flushing

I can’t remember the last five-set tennis match I watched start to finish.  Normally I hear something’s exciting in the fourth and settle in to watch the finale.  Today, with college football not yet inundating the broadcast stations, I decided to spend the day the Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic.  Some decisions don’t feel mine … Read more

Andy Roddick Becoming the Norma Rae of Men’s Tennis; Final Moved to Monday

Andy Roddick and the other gentlemen comprising the remaining field of the US Open have advocated for the moving of the men’s final to Monday.  They have won their fight. “Roddick, who has been embroiled in a series of rows with officials over the state of the courts, said it was time players joined forces … Read more

U.S. Open Day 2: Women’s Tournament Without Champions

As the first two days of the U.S. Open came to a conclusion, the women’s field would move forward void of any Grand Slam winners. Reigning U.S. Open Champion and Australian Open winner Kim Cljsters is out due to abdominal injury. Wimbledon Champion Petra Kvitova was defeated in the first round, with a poor performance against … Read more

Final Eight Matches Pivotal for Red Bulls Organization

A hurricane was barreling down on Harrison, New Jersey, fittingly with the name found on many-a-nametag in many-a-diner throughout the surrounding area: Irene.  In preparation for the storm the Red Bulls postponed their highly anticipated, sold-out match against the LA Galaxy – the league’s best side – until the fourth of October.  The storm came.  … Read more

Football’s on Strike

In this summer of global economic uncertainty and instability, it should come as no surprise that contract disputes have erupted in major sports throughout the world. Though the NFL and NBA have drawn most of the media attention in the United States, contract disputes have become a major problem internationally, especially in football. Most notably, … Read more

Time For NASCAR to Shorten the Race Season‏

NASCAR has seen a precipitous decline in both race attendance and television viewers over the past five years.  The economy is to blame, mostly, but as a solution NASCAR officials have shifted everything from where they race to when they race to how points are allocated post-race (they are still way off on the latter). … Read more

Commentary: New TV Deals Show Growth in MMA and Soccer

It’s been a month of major growth for both Major League Soccer and Ultimate Fighting Championship, as both signed huge telecast deals that will expand their presence on network television. MLS ended their eight year relationship with FOX Soccer Channel after coming to terms with NBC Sports, a deal believed to be worth somewhere between … Read more

EPL Week 2 Preview

Week 2 of the Premier League always seems to provide us with some intriguing fixtures.  Last year, a Fulham side that was coming off of a Europa League final appearance, hosted Manchester United in a thrilling 2-2 draw, while Monday gave us new money Manchester City taking on old(er) money Liverpool, thrashing them 3-0 at … Read more

Interested in Reading About Football Fans Who Fling Feces?

…Then check out the newest edition to TOS, our Bundesliga blog written by Sean Moore. Only two weeks into the season and the fans are already up to crazy antics. Here’s a bit of his post: In Gelsenkirchen, a few of the visiting Cologne fans took it upon themselves to express their view of their hosts at … Read more

The Newest Marketing Campaign for the Rugby World Cup Is…Abstinence? [VIDEO]

A new ad campaign for the All Blacks, New Zealand’s rugby team, is asking fans to abstain from sex for the six-week duration of the Rugby World Cup to show their support for the team. Led by the Telecom-sponsored All Blacks’ fan site, BackingBlack, those participating will don black rubber finger-rings to show their solidarity. … Read more

Weekend Review: What You Missed (Aug. 13-14)

I try not to read anything beyond factual results for the first month of the English Premier League, because they’re pretty much as worthless as a snood in the Manchester City team store.  And as I write this with the Super Copa in the background, and Ray Hudson shrieking at every attack from either side … Read more

On the Eve of a New Start

This… this wasn’t the article I was planning to write. I had been waiting, chomping at the bit for this weekend to arrive. I’ve had to suffer through lackluster performances in international games, games missing the emotion that I’ve been spoiled with week in and week out. I was ready to take on this blog … Read more

Arms and the Woman: Brette Trost on Long Island on Women’s ‘Wrist Wrestling’

“Spanning the globe to bring you the constant variety of sport. The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat… This is ABC’s Wide World of Sports…And now from Petaluma, California, it’s the World Wristwrestling Championships”. This classic introduction from ABC’s flagship program was what inspired Gene Camp to gather a large crowd of competitors … Read more