The Badminton Skirt Debate [VIDEO]

I don’t have to write about how sexist and ridiculous this rule, set to take effect worldwide on May 1, happens to be.  I also don’t have to write about how the sexiness of world female tennis players has increased the visibility of the female game since the retirement of legends life Martina and Steffi. … Read more

Amazing Badminton Rally [VIDEO]

I type ‘badminton’ into YouTube and I find this.  Listen to how amazing the crowd is during this exhausting rally.

The Making of a Badminton Star

Part of the goal here at TOS is to expand the definition of sports (and sports commentary) in America. With that in mind, The Britannica Blog published a nice piece on India’s Saina Nehwal, the number three women’s badminton player in the world. Here’s an excerpt from the article: Pressure is the crucial word here, her … Read more