The Making of a Badminton Star

Part of the goal here at TOS is to expand the definition of sports (and sports commentary) in America. With that in mind, The Britannica Blog published a nice piece on India’s Saina Nehwal, the number three women’s badminton player in the world. Here’s an excerpt from the article:

Pressure is the crucial word here, her game is built on that. She’s an extremely fit athlete and her court coverage is probably the best in the game. Her backhand may be vulnerable, but exploiting that is fraught with risks, because her over-the-left-shoulder forehand is lethal. She can smash or drop from the most awkward of angles with ease. And they don’t come easy, nor are they natural gifts. They are the results of a 13-hours-a-day, 6-days-a-week, monk-like training schedule. It’s not that she is not aware of the limitations in her game, it’s that she is quickly finding ways to improve them or at least not allowing them to be exploited. She’s not in search of the perfect game, but the optimum game.

Here’s a video of Nehwal in action:

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