About: Why Does TOS Exist?

About a year ago Noah Brier and I were discussing the happenings in a Sunday NASCAR race and realized we had far more questions than answers.  We took to the internet (where else) to find information, commentary, anything.  We found nothing, outside a few opinion pieces on the NASCAR website and some ramblings in papers like the Charlotte Observer and whichever periodical was located closest to the track.  Having had some success with DaBearsBlog.com, we thought, “what the hell…we can do this.”  The idea quickly grew to encompass all those sports given a secondary shaft by the major, mainstream sports media outlets.

What you are reading is a sort of first draft and we are welcoming your input as we alter design and presentation over the next few months and hopefully over the next few years.  If there’s a sport you think we must give more attention to, email us (dabears@dabearsblog.com) and let us know.  If you’d like to join the staff of TheOtherSports, email us and let us know what you’d like to cover.  Right now we have a few gents covering the football in Europe, I’m handling basic duties on golf and NASCAR and we have some part timers on MMA.

Also be sure to check out our TV listing at the top of the page.  Sometimes the hardest thing about following “the other sports” is locating them on your television.  Each Sunday, we’ll provide a full list of what’s on what channel and when over the coming week.

Welcome.  Don’t be shy.  Let us know what you think.  We’re not crazy enough to believe we’re going to surpass ESPN.com’s traffic any time soon, but why not attempt to create a virtual watercooler for those of us who find our sports passions a bit off the beaten path of American sports journalism.  We’re not trying to do news.  Just provide a fun, interesting place to discuss the sports the guy in the cubicle next to you might not be interested in.