Scottish Premier League Committing Suicide by Exiling Rangers

I don’t pretend to know or understand the behind-the-scenes details surrounding the Scottish Premier League. But I do know one thing: the best course of action for a struggling professional sports league is not eliminating your only viable commodity. And that is exactly what the SPL has done by eliminating the Old Firm, Celtic v. … Read more

goal line

FIFA has finally, finally, finally approved goal line technology.


Is Stan Kroenke running Arsenal into the ground?

Michael Bradley Set for Move to Roma [VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS]

Michael Bradley has found a home at Chievo in Serie A and Roma’s new American ownership has taken notice. Bradley is on the move to one of the more high-profile clubs in Italy. Great news for USMNT.

Lisicki Upsets Resurgent Sharapova at Wimbledon [FINAL POINT HIGHLIGHT]

San Jose 4 – LA Galaxy 3 [HIGHLIGHTS]

Certainly one of the most entertaining MLS matches of the year though not brilliantly played by any means.

Tiger Takes AT&T, Passes Nicklaus on Wins List [HIGHLIGHTS]

Spain 4 – Italy 0 [HIGHLIGHTS]

Hyperbole Warranted, Acknowledge Spain’s Greatness

It was said they win ugly – that their style of play was a detriment to the world’s beautiful game. They execute the three-yard pass with a confidence usually reserved for the red-flag wielding matadors of Madrid’s finest arenas. They force opponents to bus-park inside their own final third, relinquishing almost the entirety of possession … Read more