evolution gymnastics

A new era in gymnastics began this weekend with “Evolution”, an event where big name gymnastics stars try to launch the biggest move they can, and a member of the opposing team must beat it. The event tried to recreate the same entertainment quality as the WWE, with loud music and announcers.  

chinese gvt li na

Following Li Na’s French Open victory, the Chinese government sent out a secret memo to the media saying: “Do not continue to hype Li Na’s win”. This is unsurprising as Na has continuously distanced herself from the government, saying that it had nothing to do with her personal success.


Four of the most high profile foot-fault incidents in the past 10 years have taken place at the U.S. Open. The frequency with which this rule has been called is very limited in the modern tennis era, as compared to 40 years ago when it was a very common call.

Football’s on Strike

In this summer of global economic uncertainty and instability, it should come as no surprise that contract disputes have erupted in major sports throughout the world. Though the NFL and NBA have drawn most of the media attention in the United States, contract disputes have become a major problem internationally, especially in football. Most notably, … Read more

Interested in a Sport Where All You Have to Do Is Kick People? [VIDEO]

Then maybe the World Shin Kicking Championships is for you! The object of the sport, dating back to 1612, is to kick your opponent until they can no longer stand. Because they use traditional techniques. such as covering one’s legs with straw for protection, intense bruising and even some broken bones have become commonplace.

Check Out Who Tennis Star Novak Djokovic Is Mocking in This New Marketing Campaign [VIDEO]

This video of Djokovic donning a blonde wig and making fun of Maria Sharapova for an ad for the Head Racket Company has gone viral. Guess the marketing campaign is working then…

north korea soccer deer steroids

Which drug was it again that got the North Korean women’s soccer team banned from the 2015 World Cup? Oh, of course, deer gland therapy.


The World Championship of Minigolf takes place this Wednesday in Stockholm.Though the sport is very popular in Europe, the U.S. is a bit behind with our best player ranking at 273.

women’s track and field record

Why it might be a good idea for the women’s track and field record book to be expunged.

Diogo Slaps Official After Being Handed a Red Card [VIDEO]

In Montevideo’s game against Danubio, Diogo slapped the referee after being handed a red card. In a statement to the Uruguayan newspaper El Observador he said: “I’m very sorry and I was wrong. Even my mother who was in Brazil watched what I did…I’ve never experienced anything like this and I was crying on the … Read more

Zimbabwe Cricket Players Loses Two Teeth From Shot to the Face [VIDEO]

In one of the more gruesome of cricket injuries, Zimbabwean bowler Keegan Meth was pummeled by a shot to the head from Bangladeshi batsman Nasir Hossain. Make sure to watch the slow motion replay to see the teeth fly out of Meth’s head.

Soccer Fan Tries to Mow Over Referee With Scooter [VIDEO]

After giving six yellow cards to FC Oss in their 4-3 loss to Almere City, a fan followed the referee off the field in a scooter. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0I9-AYWSFmg

wozniacki number one pressure

Is the pressure of being ranked number one the very thing preventing Caroline Wozniacki from winning a Grand Slam?

samoa rwc

After beating Australia, the second place team in Rugby, Samoa may be the dark horse to watch during the Rugby World Cup.

bbc vs man utd

Alex Ferguson, the manager of Manchester United, has ended his seven-year feud with BBC.