RBNY Win Emirates Cup [VIDEO]


He said YES!

Jurgen Klinsmann is now the head man in charge of the United States men’s soccer program.  We here at TOS endorse the move enthusiastically, hoping it would have been made prior to the 2010 World Cup.  Klinsmann runs an attacking style and will begin an overhaul process of the USMNT structure. His press conference is … Read more

fight mike tyson

Are you interested in fighting Mike Tyson? The company that makes Mike Tyson’s official Apple game has created a contest that will give the player with the highest score on its leaderboard the chance to face Tyson in the ring.

world test championship

Test cricket, the sport’s oldest and most complicated format, has been endangered for a while because of the growth of Twenty20. To save the sport, the ICC has decided on a World Test Championship where the four highest ranked teams will compete to be the first official champion of Test cricket

bradley wbc title

Timothy Bradley has been stripped of his World Boxing Title. Though the WBC’s secretary general said it was due to Bradley’s inactivity, there are some speculations that the WBC want Erik Morales to become the first Mexican fighter to earn four division titles.


The following is a re-blog of an earlier piece: US Soccer, and soccer for most of the teams in the CONCACAF region, is not like the rest of the world.  The US is a guaranteed Gold Cup participant, they don’t truthfully enter World Cup qualifying until the late stages and their friendlies are played at … Read more

tennis union

After dealing with NBA and NFL lockouts this year, it seems like the last thing we need is more union activity in sports. But would it be beneficial for tennis players to form a new union to discuss issues like scheduling and drug testing?

running barefoot

After being inspired by runners in Mexico who run 100 miles with little footwear, many runners are turning to shoes that mimic running barefoot. Traditional running shoes are down 18% this past year, while sales of the new design are up 283%.

israeli boxing club

A small boxing club in Israel is using the sport to bridge barriers between Palestinians and Israelis. Playing in a converted bomb shelter in West Jerusalem, all races, genders and religions come to participate in the growing sport.

MLS All-Stars Meet Manchester United in Harrison, NJ Tonight

Does this game matter in the footballing world?  No.  But it matter to the state of New Jersey and it matters to MLS.  We’ll be there and we’ll have a full report tomorrow. Here are highlights from last year’s game:

MUST SEE! Kung Fu Volleyball [VIDEO]


women’s mma landmark weekend

Since MMA’s leading lady Gina Carrano’s career is at a standstill, female fighters need to desperately fill the hole. As the UFC absorbs Strikeforce, the future of female MMA may rest on this weekend’s fight between Marloes Coenan and Miesha Tate.

springboks faked injuries

The Springboks have left 23 players at home for the TriNations because of reported, but mostly unconfirmed injuries. Coach Peter de Villiers has denied that the injuries are fake, after allegations that he is saving his best players for the World Cup.

mutton busting

Mutton busting, modified bull riding for children, is moving from a rural hobby to a full sport with its own equipment and tournaments. Children ride the backs of sheep to see who can stay on the longest.

Hilarious Sign Posted at a Will Ferrell Charity Golf Outing [IMAGE]