red bull gay tweet

Red Bull crewman fired for anti-gay Tweet.

Sharapova Into Wimbledon Final [VIDEO]

After numerous complaints from Wimbledon officials and fans, BBC has launched a device that allows users to turn down the grunts of the players when listening to radio coverage.

nbc tour de france

For the first time NBC will pick up the first two days of the Tour de France with broadcast following Wimbledon and Versus will have an enhanced prime-time recap each evening, making an average of 14 hours of daily air time

Arnold Rothstein, most infamous for the fixed 1919 World Series, also seems to have had a hand in creating the first Triple Crown winner.

copa america preview

Guardian previews Copa America.

Return to Daytona: Two-Car Draft Providing Superspeedways Identity, Excitement [VIDEO]

In the aftermath of being unfortunately bounced from Talladega after Kyle Busch pounded his front fender, Matt Kenseth had a few choice words for the two-car draft dynamic that has emerged on the superspeedways in 2011. (Video of both the wreck and comments here) These comments came after Dale Earnhardt Jr. – the sport’s … Read more

up and comers does a nice job updating some of the US up-and-comers around Europe.

copa america preview

Sports Illustrated’s preview of Copa America.

Federer Blows Two-Set Advantage, Loses to Tsonga at Wimbledon [VIDEO]

There has been much talk about the demise of the greatness of Roger Federer.  Talk that I thought was somewhat put to rest by his uprooting the seemingly unbeatable Novak Djokovic at the French Open.  But for the first time in my human memory, Fed has blown a grand slam match lead to an inferior opponent.

cycling seat

A new innovation in cycling seats may help relieve cyclists of pain and medical issues like erectile dysfunction. The new no-nose saddle puts pressure on the pelvic bones instead of the crotch.

north korea lightning

Must read!  The North Korean women’s soccer coach is claiming that his team lost because they were struck by lightening.


An article about Rufus, the American Harris Hawk who clears Centre Court and the other surrounding Wimbledon courts of vermin.

crown royal

More money leaving NASCAR as Crown Royal announces they’ll no longer be sponsoring the #17.

US Defeat North Korea 2-0 [VIDEO]

To read analysis of the match from Brette Trost, click here.