Commentary: Boxers, Fighters, Wrestlers Risk Bodies Without Physical, Financial Security

No fan of MMA, boxing, or professional wrestling can deny that we invest time and money watching because it’s a “blood sport.” We glue ourselves to the television to see consenting adults put their bodies on the line, cutting decades off their lives, pummeling each other for our sheer entertainment. You would think the Don … Read more

Women’s #1 Wozniacki Demolished at Roland Garros By Hantuchova [VIDEO]

The state of women’s tennis continues its tumble into oblivion as Caroline Wozniacki was violently removed from the French Open by Daniella Hantuchova.  I can’t recall in my memory a comparable early-round thrashing received by anyone top ranked at a grand slam event.  The highlights are shaky, but they tell the tale:

Busch speeding

Kyle Busch was driving 128 MPH in a 45 zone.

Walking Stick

Is defending oneself with a walking stick considered an “other sport”?  I don’t care.  This article is magnificent.

England Rugby Retirement

Very funny: England Rugby Union announces retirement.

MMA Gambling

Las Vegas says MMA has surpassed boxing on the gambling front.

Teal Gold Cup

Teal Bunbury responds to Gold Cup snub with honesty, introspection.

QPR Tickets

Queens Parks Rangers are celebrating their ascension to the Premiership by hammering fans with a 40% ticket hike.

IPL Cricket

Following the Cricket World Cup which had much of India engrossed in the sport, the IPL is struggling to find a way to maintain the sport’s popularity, as the IPL’s brand value has dropped by 11 percent and television viewing numbers were down 22%.

New Zealand Travel Restrictions

Because of a December 2006 military coup, New Zealand has imposed travel sanctions that prevent Fiji military from visiting New Zealand. This will have an effect on the team Fiji can put forth for the upcoming World Cup, as the Fijan military is traditionally a big source of player talent.

Preakness Ratings

Preakness sees solid ratings increase.

Giggs Twitter

Ryan Giggs has become the centerpiece of an old media/new media debate in Britain over a possible affair with a “Big Brother” contestant.

Texas to Legalize Noodling Catfish [VIDEO]

Noodling is catching catfish.  Big fucking catfish.  With your bare hands.  17 states have legalized it and Texas is set to be the 18th. Here is Wright Thomspson’s ESPN feature on the sport. Here is the nitty gritty of the downhome sport:


Sports Guy remembers Macho Man Randy Savage.

Patrick Nationwide

Danica Patrick is planning to run a full Nationwide season in 2012.